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Discover confidential and expert guidance for your property clearance requirements with Lancashire House Clearances. Whether you’re aiming to remove specific items or undergo a comprehensive property clearing, our dedicated team is committed to delivering optimal solutions tailored to your needs.

In our commitment-free consultation, our seasoned professionals are prepared to provide valuable insights into the valuation of items within your property. Leveraging our strong connection with renowned auctioneers in the Bolton area, we specialise in the assessment and valuation of a wide array of items, including antiques, collectibles, silver, jewellery, clocks, watches, furniture, and paintings. This distinctive advantage positions us as the preferred choice for advice, distinguishing us from conventional property clearance services in Bolton.

Which ever service you decide is best for you and your property, we are happy to provide so please don’t delay, for a much more professional and flexible service than your traditional house clearance company.

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Bespoke Clearance Services

Tailor-Made To Your Individual Requirements

How It Works

We can provide a traditional house clearance in which a fee is agreed between the two parties and then the house is cleared and goods are disposed off in a legal manner.

Or, if you prefer, we can clear the property of its items of value and sell them at auction through our sister company, A & C auctions of Pendle at our 5000 square foot premises in Colne, Lancashire.

Once the goods are sold at auction the net balance is paid to you after our clearance and auctioning fees have been deducted.

Or we can offer an more bespoke service, in which we provide both a total clearance in which items are removed for sale at auction and the remaining, non-valuable items are legally disposed of.

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